Brunette Hairstyles Ideas- Dark, Light, and Medium

Brunette hairstyles have been trending for the better part of this year. This hairstyle seems to have won many hearts of ladies who need something trendy, sassy and unique. These styles come in various shades and styles such as honey, golden, light brown and cocoa, just to list a few.

Whether it is light, chestnut or golden, you can choose any of these beautiful hues for your magnificent locks. You think that is not enough? See this website to learn about some of the colour charts for hair ideas for you to consider.

  1. Blonde for Brunette Hair

You can rock the best of the two worlds in one haircut. In this hairstyle, the roots are maintained dark brown and the rest of the manes, the lightest hue of brown is used to promote contrast.

  1. Honey for Brunette

Add some sweet flavour to your entire hairstyle by washing the hair with a taste of honey. Then go for the appropriate highlights for your dark brown hair.

  1. Caramel Flavoured

For all the single ladies out there, this haircut shows you how to blend light brown and dark hair perfectly. Start with caramel colour of brown on the dark hue. However, if you want to experiment with different colour shades, get the help of a colour chart.

  1. Subtle Brown

For ladies with elongated black hair, go for a light colour of brown from brunettes hairstyles colour chart for light highlights. You can accentuate near the face to give it a bright look. Choose right makeup, and you will rock this style everywhere you go.

  1. Mesmerising Colour

For ladies with natural dark colour shade hair, you have unlimited different hues from the colour chart. Make use of a glossy tone to improve shine to your natural hair. For your bright black hair, go for golden accents.

  1. Reddish Colour

Red is one of the favourable shades for ladies. It portrays elegance, strength, and femininity. So, why not go for it for your manes to incorporate a new fresh transformation to your black hair? If your big day is approaching, and you don’t want inconveniences, this could be the best accents you should pick.

  1. Numerous Highlights

If you are blessed with dark brown hair, you are definitely a lucky lady. Using a colour chart, you can choose varying brunette hairstyles and shades and enhance highlights on your style. You don’t have to go for one when you can select many fresh hues as well as cool tones all at once. Apply the bold shade near your face to brighten it and spread the rest of the highlights all over the hair.

  1. Ash Blonde

Opt for a refreshing combination of dark brown and blonde hair colour. Paint part of the hair with the purple, blonde hue and don’t forget to add some accents towards the face. These are pure hues to make a statement.